Customer-tailored Process of POIs Collection & Update for a Global Map Publisher

Customer-tailored Process of POIs Collection & Update for a Global Map Publisher

Quick Facts

60% cost reduction of data validation

3 steps quality control process

20+ members in the team

SQLite/SpatiaLite, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Python, BeautifulSoup


To provide clients with thousands of newly opened POIs to gain the database with the most relevant data.


Intetics’s client, a leading company in the production of mapping software, wanted to update the base of points of interest collected at a certain distance from specific highways for better geolocation. The client needed to collect and analyze POIs in a clearly defined radius to exclude any possible duplicate creation within their existing database.

Since the process demanded constant maintenance to keep the database in an up-to-date condition, it required the lowest cost model combined with the delivery of the highest accuracy of data.


The client wanted to launch the process quickly and with zero downtime. The Intetics team offered to run a fast-deployable data collection model by engaging remote database researchers. The model provides the opportunity to quickly scale up and down the number of team members, and minimum involvement of the client management team into the process.

#1 Distributed team creation
For the accelerated data validation process, Intetics created a team of remote and distributed team members who quickly entered the project without time-consuming onboarding process.

#2 Integration of automation
The team implemented automation to improve data processing and speed it up. Automation was used both during the pilot stage and the production period.

#3 Customer database adherence
The team distributed the collected and updated data according to customer-specific rules to keep the data compliance.

#4 Expert leadership
The customer required a quick process launch and mature processes implementation. To satisfy the need, Intetics engaged expert from POI Centers of Excellence to set up project roadmap, guides, rules and create the team.

#5 Multi-step data check
To ensure data accuracy, the team implemented multistep verification including call verification and internet research.

#6 Reporting
Every data assessment stage was supported by a report describing the product weaknesses and bottlenecks. The process took 4 months.

Benefit and Result

High-quality data providing using the most efficient data processing approaches

The synergy of process automation, remote ins team model, and open sources usage gave 3 times cost reduction.

Based on the Intetics team many years experience the provision of very detailed data for various POI categories was performed.

60% data validation process cost reduction.

Having received excellent data collection results was considered long-term cooperation between the client and the Intetics team.

Keeping the database up-to-date allows the client to maintain a leading position in the market

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