Building Information Modeling BIM model from a laser point cloud

Building Information Modeling  BIM model from a laser point cloud

Quick Facts

Model of shopping center was created in less than a week 

The model includes in addition to architecture all light sources

The area of the premises that were modeled is about 2.5 ha


Our Client needed a BIM model of the interior of the big shopping center for future redevelopment of premises, advertising, as well as demonstration of premises to tenants.


Our Сlient needed to provide their tenants with visualizations and floor plans for redevelopment. However, there were not even drawings of the building. Therefore, the Client turned to us to create a BIM model of the interior and floor plans of the shopping center.


#1 To create a model, a laser scan of the building was carried out as a result of which we received a point cloud. 360 panoramas were also captured using a special camera.

#2 Based on the data obtained, our experts created a BIM model of the interior. For quick work with a point cloud, we use special add-ins that allow semi-automatic recognition of objects such as walls, pipes, etc.

#3 The requirement for detailing the model was LOD200, but stainless railings with glass inserts were important for the client, so LOD300 was used for them.

#4 Based on the available photographs, the corresponding material textures were applied to the model.

#5 After the BIM model was created, we got the necessary floor plans from it.

“For us it was a very pleasant and productive collaboration with Intetics. We plan further cooperation with larger projects.”

Benefits and Results

Summing up, we can say that the client received all the necessary features. The BIM model made it possible to quickly plan the placement of temporary partitions and indoor advertising and demonstrate to tenants their future locations.

From our model drawings, floor and ceiling plans for this building were obtained.

The client received in a short time a multifunctional BIM-model, which not only made it possible to solve current problems, but can also be used and further developed for other purposes.

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