A Precision Agronomics Start-Up Partners With Intetics To Create An App Used By 6,000 Users In 4 Countries

A Precision Agronomics Start-Up Partners With Intetics To Create An App Used By 6,000 Users In 4 Countries


To create a web application for a start-up company that offers web services to farmers for better farm management.


The start-up owners were to create an app that would consolidate agronomic data and make farm management easier. They needed a specialized information system that would contain the necessary data. The data from various data providers had to be aggregated into a local database, analyzed and delivered to app users in a format that allowed for quick and comfortable decision-making about farm management.


The start-up decided to work with Intetics to build their agronomics database, because of Intetics history of working with startups and application development expertise. Intetics developed a database for aggregation of dissimilar data, automated the process of data collection and analysis, and developed a web application that could access the data.

The new service delivers the following functions:

  • Aggregates agricultural data from various providers
  • Analyzes data quality
  •  Publishes cartographic information
  •  Manages private user data
  • Manages services subscriptions
  •  Manages farm parameters and other individual fields
  •  Visualizes farming indicators on a map, such as soil moisture, temperature, and rainfall
  • Allows navigation within maps
  • Helps manage reports

In cooperation with the client, the Intetics team consolidated the system requirements and agreed on the overall app design. The technologies used for application development included JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and OpenLayers.

We are very thankful to Intetics for their active participation in the planning and development of this new product.


The developed application is successfully being used in 4 countries with a dynamically expanding market for precision farming: Ukraine, India, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom. At the moment the service has more than 6,000 commercial subscribers. The application works on all platforms and all devices, including mobile, while up-to-date data allows farmers to make informed decisions when managing farms.

The client continues to rely on Intetics for support and development of the web application, as it enables them to focus on serving their users, rather than get bogged down by technological issues.

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