A Leading Lottery Operator Minimizes Retail Inspection Time with Custom Apps Developed by Intetics

A Leading Lottery Operator Minimizes Retail Inspection Time with Custom Apps Developed by Intetics


To automate collection, analysis and integration of survey information about lottery ticket sales from the lottery operator’s network of retailers.


A Canadian lottery operator relies strongly on their retail network for sales of lottery tickets. The operator must monitor how intermediaries carry the product; they are required by law to regularly inspect licensed vendors to ensure adherence to regulatory and policy requirements. Their existing process for conducting inspections consisted of semi-manual inspection planning, assignment distribution to local inspectors via e-mail, and semimanual analysis and database entry of collected surveys. This process was time consuming and the client was looking for a technology solution to make inspections more efficient. They also required that the solution kept inspections confidential, allowed fast and safe data transfers, and included simple and reliable procedure of localization and a convenient data format for further processing.


The lottery service provider chose Intetics, because of its successful track record of developing custom software solutions and experience developing inspection applications. Intetics first collected the client’s requirements and built a prototype. Based on the feedback, a plan was formulated and Intetics put together a team of software engineers. Using SCRUM methodology throughout development, Intetics built a desktop and a mobile application. The desktop application was developed using Cordova and .NET. It served as the main platform from which the coordinator selected, analyzed and entered information into the database. The coordinator could also send assignments to inspectors immediately via e-mail. The iOS and Android mobile applications were developed for field inspectors. Once inspectors loaded the app, they used their mobile devices to access their assignments and surveys. The assigned inspections were illustrated on an interactive map with pinned locations of the retail sites. No Internet connection was required to use the map or fill surveys, making offline work possible. The completed surveys were returned to the coordinator via e-mail immediately. The returned surveys were automatically imported into the new desktop application used by the coordinator.


The lottery operator received a complete, efficient solution that reduced time spent on collecting and processing information about their retail network. The client was able to start using the system within 5 months of cooperation with Intetics. The application allowed faster transfer of survey information between the coordinator and field inspectors. It eliminated a significant amount of the coordinator’s manual operations. It reduced the time required to analyze results and update the database. Overall, it made the inspection process better organized and easier. Finally, thorough documentation was provided, which will allow the client to easily operate the system on their own.

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