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“As a head of the software company, I know very well that there is only one thing I want from developers more than their skills – it is their motivation. We have exceptional people really doing their best and implementing the bravest intentions of our clients”

Boris Kontsevoi, President of Intetics Inc.

When you need a developer, you never want to get more troubles. What is actually required, is an adequate person, clever and well grounded, hard-working and humorous, qualified to apply modern technologies for the project success, able to work efficiently either autonomous or in team, communicable and manageable. You need a developer merely to develop your software solution. Right developer, just a proper one. Whatever is the project, fab developer for you is here.

“They know what they are doing, are highly professional, listen to their customers, stand behind their work, and are not too expensive.” Gene Linetsky

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No difference, are you certain about skills and technologies requirements, or only have a project comprehension – right developer has to implement your goal. Hiring a developer through software vendor is alike having a braid from the noble family: your trust is provisioned. A candidate for you is guaranteed with expertise.

“They proved to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in all relevant aspects. They stayed right on target with the dates promised and were always receptive to feedback and changes. Agile thinking and the high qualification provided for the effective project work.” M. Kretschmer

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Corp-to-corp affiliation let you forget employment taxes and constraints of labor law. You do your business – the very thing you are best of the best in. Paperwork and legal regulations compliance stay on our site. You can hire a developer to join your team on-site, or try an on-site engineer with a remote team on the back-end, or to get an agile dedicated team offshore. And, sure, it is absolutely up to you whether you’d like to control your developers in full or to use some supervision from Intetics management for proper implementation of your goals.

“Our main goal is to work with our clients to understand their needs so that we can translate this into great software and we can now do this without the distraction of having an in-house team. It has been about as seamless as I could have dared hope.” Neil Dobson

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