Intetics Opens its Doors to Raise GIS Awareness

On November 20th 2013 Intetics office in Kharkiv, Ukraine opened its doors to welcome GIS enthusiasts from all over the city to celebrate GIS Day. The event welcomed over 70 attendees, including students, local university lecturers from GIS and geography departments, and other people interested in learning about GIS. The goal of the event was to raise awareness of geospatial technologies in Ukraine and to explore the development and future of these technologies.

The 2013 GIS Day celebration featured a number of GIS-related presentations and workshops. It also allowed ample time for discussions, contests, photo shoots and traditional GIS-themed cake. The official part of the evening consisted of seven presentations by Intetics GIS analysts, who based their reports on experience from commercial and research projects conducted in the last year.

GIS Day 2013 at Intetics

The presentations tackled topics such as modern remote sensing methods and object recognition techniques, photogrammetry and LiDAR technologies, capturing geo data with mobile devices, explanation of 3D modeling for GIS, analysis of existing public transportation planning tools, review of open-source GIS products, as well as Nokia’s new Here MapCreator where maps can be updated by users.

In addition to the presentations, the evening invited guests to engage in contests and non-formal discussion, enjoy the GIS-themed cake and participate in a photo shoot. The contest encouraged attendees to take on the role of a geospatial analyst and use their mobile device for location recognition and route optimization. Prof. Alexander Tretyakov (Associate Professor at the Physical Geography Department at Kharkiv National University) also announced a GIS contest for students, which will take place during the GIS Forum in Kharkiv.

The entire evening took place under a friendly atmosphere, and Intetics would like to thank all guests for their attendance. The awareness and importance of GIS technologies is on the rise in Ukraine and there will be even more information to share about the future of geospatial technologies the next time.

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