Intetics Launches the Innovative Software Product Assessment Service

March 2, 2018 , by Intetics Inc.

Intetics Inc announces the launch of the independent software product assessment service, TETRA. This is a technical debt reduction platform created to run the in-depth audit and assessment of software product. It allows to evaluate the quality level, measure technical debt and assess product efficiency for business.

Intetics at the 2nd Manufacturers & IT Forum in Frankfurt

February 27, 2018 , by Intetics Inc.

Intetics has become the sponsor of the the 2nd Manufacturers & IT Forum, while Intetics VP Business Development, Oleg Ridchenko shared with the participants the expert’s view on the potential of Easter Europe in development of Industry 4.0 solutions.

CV magazine nominates Intetics for the 2018 Technology Innovator Award.

February 1, 2018 , by Intetics Inc.

Corporate Vision magazine has nominated Intetics for the 2018 Technology Innovator Award.

Boris Kontsevoi has Entered the List of Contributors

January 30, 2018 , by Intetics Inc.

Intetics CEO and President, Boris Kontsevoi, has become the contributor at In his “Make IT Happen” column, Mr. Kontsevoi will cover business management, software development, SMAC, IoT, RPA, digital business transformation, project management, creation and management of distributed teams.

Belarus Legalized Cryptocurrency to Become a Global Crypto Hub

December 22, 2017 , by Intetics Inc.

Belarus has entered the list of countries supporting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The news outlets reported about the signing the law that legalizes cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering (ICOs) tokens in the country.

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Intetics Inc. is an expert in creation and operation of effective distributed technology teams aimed at software product development, IT support, quality assurance and data processing. Based on a proprietary business model of Remote In-Sourcing®, advanced Quality Management Platform and measurable SLAs, Intetics enables IT rich, innovative organizations to capitalize on available global talent and Intetics’ in-depth engineering expertise. Our core know-how is rooted in design of software products within conditions of incomplete specifications.

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