We leverage global talent all around the world, with focus on Eastern Europe

flag icon Est. 1995

700+  full time employees

150+  “crowd” contractors

400+  clients in 30+ countries

  • Raleigh, NC
    USA Branch

  • Naples, FL

  • London, UK
    UK Branch

  • Düsseldorf, DE
    EU Branch

  • Krakow, Poland

  • Minsk, Belarus

  • Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Odesa, Ukraine

Our roots

About 7% of workforce of the Global IT Services and Software R&D market.

The market in Eastern Europe region grows at 4-5x faster than the rest of the world, mostly working with US and EU customers.

  • Convenient geographic location
  • A large tech talent pool
  • Broad software expertise
  • Prominent STEM education
  • Culture proximity
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved infrastructure
  • In the population of 37.8 million


    1,700 IT Services Companies
    $6.7 Billion IT Services Export
    300,000 IT Professionals
    457 STEM Universities
    and Colleges
  • In the population of 9.4 million


    800 IT Services Companies
    $1.7 Billion IT Services Export
    60,000 IT Professionals
    51 STEM Universities
    and Colleges
  • In the population of 43.6 million


    1,600 IT Services Companies
    $4.5 Billion IT Services Export
    190,000 IT Professionals
    289 STEM Universities and Colleges

Why Intetics


A global company convenient to work with for both American and European clients. Triple legal protection of client’s IP.


Our highly developed technology for finding the best talent available on the market today.


Mature software development technology, differentiated with our Predictive Software Engineering framework.


Service models of Remote In-Sourcing® and Offshore Dedicated Team® help build efficient distributed development teams custom tailored for every client.


Technical Debt Reduction Platform, TETRA™, that allows us to offer a measurable SLA for quality of software products developed and conduct software product assessments and audits.

Why Intetics


Our ability to retain and grow the talent. 100% have master’s degree; 50+% have professional certificates (Microsoft, AWS, Zend, Java, ISTQB, PMP, ICAgile, etc.)


Proven R&D ability capable to develop projects in “terra incognito”, using the newest technologies like AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, BI, RPA, Blockchain, GIS/LBS, etc.


Proven innovation, which “is in our DNA”, as noticed by one of our clients.


Zero investment required from clients for software development team/ organization creation.


Industry best infrastructure and configuration management, technical and management supervision, proper governance.