Management Team

Nothing beats coming into work every day to be surrounded with people who enjoy creating and making technology better.

Management Team

A team of knowledgeable engineers is powerful. After all, technology is only a tool. It can only achieve its best results if there are thoughtful people behind it. And that’s our goal: create teams of smart individuals to build great software.

Boris Kontsevoi
  • Boris Kontsevoi
  • CEO and President

Mr. Kontsevoi is a Founder and President of Intetics Co. Under his leadership a group of software engineers developed into a truly global technology company with multiple professional certifications and industry awards, including Global Outsourcing 100 and Top 100 Global Services company. For the impressive growth Intetics demonstrated over the years, Boris received an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award from The Business Ledger in 2009. Boris has over 30 years of managing experience and about 40 scientific publications. He was a featured speaker at several international conferences. He holds a Master’s degree in Radiophysics and Computer Science from the Belarus State University and certificates in project management from Aspen (ISIM) University, Colorado, USA. He is Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP), a professional designation awarded by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) to leading outsourcing practitioners that demonstrated ability to design, implement and manage successful outsourcing initiatives. Boris also serves as IAOP’s Eastern European Chapter Chair and, during last 14 years, as a Distinguished Judge of WebAward Competition conducted by Web Marketing Association. He is also a member of IAOP, the Outsourcing Institute, NOA and several other professional and community organizations.

Serge Stepantsov
  • Serge Stepantsov
  • Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Stepantsov brings more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry to Intetics. He is responsible for promoting the company’s services, the development of new services, marketing analysis, strategic planning and monitoring and improving customer satisfaction. His vast experience in all phases of project lifecycle is supported by the breadth of his work in IT including systems administration, quality assurance, software development, business analysis, coaching, project and production management, and sales and marketing. Mr. Stepantsov has successfully completed numerous projects in enterprise information security software, insurance ERP platforms, information systems for mobile operators and many other products. He earned a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Belarusian State University, as well as several professional and management certifications. Mr. Stepantsov is a member of IAOP’s Eastern Europe Regional Advisory Board and Engineering Chapter Executive Advisory Committee.

Oleg Ridchenko
  • Oleg Ridchenko
  • VP, Business Development

Mr. Ridchenko leads the team of project managers at our Minsk development office. He is responsible for corporate management process reviews and improvements, education, training of project managers, and supervising the management processes on all projects. After more than 10 years with Intetics, Mr. Ridchenko has successfully managed and monitored many of our most important projects, acted as a project enabler, and played a key role in setting up efficient PM and development processes. Mr. Ridchenko holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Belarusian State University, as well as Professional Certificates in Management from Open University, United Kingdom, and the International Institute of Management Link, Russia.

Teymuraz Sinitsyn
  • Teymuraz Sinitsyn
  • Delivery Director Intetics Ukraine

Mr. Sinitsyn joined Intetics in 2014 as the new Delivery Director at Intetics Ukraine office. He brings with him 13 years of programming, project management, and strategic leadership experience. Prior to coming to Intetics, he worked at IT companies such as EPAM Systems and QArea, serving at a variety of posts, from programmer, to project manager, to product owner. He has managed software engineering units of up to 85 employees, has years of technical management experience, and over eight years of hands-on software development experience. Mr. Sinitsyn holds a Master’s degree in Computer Programming and Computer Software Engineering from Sumy State University, as well as a variety of professional and management certifications.

Rüdiger Dorawa
  • Rüdiger Dorawa
  • Executive Director of Intetics GmbH

Mr. Dorawa holds a joint degree in International Management and Corporate Communications from FOM (Germany) and Avans+ (The Netherlands). He has 20 years of IT experience in software, software development and software testing in outsourcing, near- and off- shoring projects. In his career, Ruediger worked for international software vendors and product development and lifecycle management companies such as Novell and Symphony Teleca, where he launched new software and business solutions. As an Assistant Professor for Sales & Marketing, he also actively contributes to people’s professional development.

Eugene Lanetski
  • Eugene Lanetski
  • Director Intetics Ukraine

Mr. Lanetski joined Intetics in 2009 to lead and develop a new business area of the company – System Integration. In this role he ensures maximum productivity and effectiveness of end-to-end sales process for Intetics’ System Integration department. Prior to Intetics, Mr. Lanetski worked as a head of sales department at Incom Company, a leading player in the Ukrainian IT market. He was also the founder of Service Center LLC which served the needs of the regional state administration. He began his career at a wholesale petroleum distribution company, where worked his way up from accountant to financial director. Mr. Lanetski holds a master’s degree in Economic Informatics from Kharkiv State Economic University.

Dr. Valentin Kontsevoi
  • Dr. Valentin Kontsevoi
  • Director Intetics Belarus

Dr. Kontsevoi holds a master’s degree in Radiophysics and Computer Science from the Belarusian State University. He started his career as a junior research associate at the Research Institute of Applied Physics at Minsk, Belarus, where he earned his Ph.D. and became Chief of the Computer Simulation Laboratory. Dr. Kontsevoi joined Intetics in 2003 to bring a systematic, scientific approach to the company’s operational management. He is the author of numerous scientific papers, reports and reviews, and is a widely respected executive in the industry.

Sergey Terekhov
  • Sergey Terekhov
  • Director Quality Assurance

Mr. Terekhov has over 15 years of experience in software testing, as well as more than eight years of experience in QA team leading. His responsibilities cover QA planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk assessment, and communication with project stakeholders. Mr. Terekhov joined the company in 2006 to build a stable QA department and set up our QA and Release Management process. Prior to joining Intetics, Mr. Terekhov gained extensive experience in QA team leading in telecommunications and banking technologies. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Systems from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Possessing strong analytical and organizational skills, Mr. Terekhov supports and enhances Intetics’ Quality Management System based on the international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, and takes part in the related internal and external audit.

Yuri Piskunovich
  • Yuri Piskunovich
  • VP Technology/Delivery Director

Mr. Piskunovich joined Intetics in 2003 as a Quality Control Engineer and soon thereafter was named a Project Manager. In his present role, he is responsible for managing and coordinating the overall QMS function, documentation development and maintenance, internal and external audits, continual improvement, measurement and analysis. Mr. Piskunovich ensures the effectiveness of Intetics’ processes and their compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. He holds a master’s degree in Software Development and Information Technologies from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, as well as a diploma in Quality Management System Audit from the Belarusian State Institute of Standardization.

Sergei Tchernyshenko
  • Sergei Tchernyshenko
  • Director Security and Infrastructure

Mr. Tchernyshenko works in the area of IT infrastructure and security management for over fifteen years. He joined Intetics as a system administrator in 2005, and then he became the head of newly established IT department. Under his firm leadership, the main corporate information systems were created and current company’s information infrastructure was built. The list of his achievements also includes implementation of the Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which was ISO 27001 certified in 2010. Mr. Tchernyshenko’s responsibilities further include a corporate infrastructure development strategy, IT systems management, information security, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Pavel Yalovol
  • Pavel Yalovol
  • Delivery Director, GIS and BPO

Mr. Yalovol has 15 years of experience in the GIS industry. He knows the geospatial industry from bottom-up: He began as an engineer, spent two years lecturing at university, and eventually became a project manager and then a department director. In 2009, he helped build the GIS BPO department at Intetics. At the new department, Mr. Yalovol developed multiple processes and is currently responsible for the exceptional operational performance the Intetics GIS department delivers to its clients. He is in charge of the day-to-day operations management and the department's strategy development and execution. He also coordinates the marketing and sales activities related to GIS and BPO business at Intetics.