The Danube Biosphere Reserve, one of the leading organizations focused on preserving animal and plant life around the river Danube, needed focused GIS training. The training would ideally have to be tailored for a specific group of experts in the natural and environmental protection field.
The Reserve is one of the largest wetlands consisting of reed beds, water channels, numerous lakes, flooded forests and remnants of steppes. It has a total area of 4,180 km2, an area which needs to be managed and preserved strategically. One of the best ways for the Reserve to continue their preservation work is to leverage latest IT systems, including integration of GIS technologies.
The Reserve had a staff of scientists and researchers, but they wanted to improve their staff’s understanding GIS technologies and provide tools for them to use these technologies in their daily work. They were looking for a technological partner who would teach them about GIS, so they could develop, implement and monitor the Reserve’s territory using the latest technology.

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Intetics contributes to EY “The IT industry in Belarus: 2017 and Beyond” report

Ernst and Young have released a large-scale report “The IT industry in Belarus: 2017 and Beyond”. The report analyzes the current industry state and presents the perspectives of IT growth in Belarus. Intetics was glad to contribute to the report by several interviews of our top managers given to EY during the research.