Geospatial Services & Solutions

Geospatial Development

Blend geographic insight with functionality of latest software

This diverse group of people works together to deliver geospatial solutions that effortlessly combine location analysis and insights with software solutions. The advantage of this combination is two-fold:
  • Well-rounded solution: The combination of analytics and technical expertise on one team means you receive a well-rounded solution that has a comfortable interface, yet still produces a logical, practical result.
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Both analysts and engineers strive to ensure automation wherever possible, reducing amount of time spent on collection, cleansing and analysis of data. In our experience, even a proven process can be improved with optimization and innovation.
During development, both GIS engineers and GIS analysts use the same methodology, standards and tools for project management, which allows effective team cooperation. As a result, the teams are able to draw on best practices from a diverse variety of disciplines and come up with a solution that directly answers your needs.

Geo Solutions

Enable GIS across your entire enterprise

We help companies effectively implement and use both, open GIS solutions, which are based on open source technologies and databases, as well as proprietary technologies.

Our specialists use latest technologies, while keeping in mind long-term GIS trends. They actively participate in events for testing and improvement of GIS software, development of industry standards, and help with development of new software products.


Tailored training to turn your team into GIS gurus

We conduct trainings for developers, technical specialists and analysts. Our education programs take into account the level of knowledge of our audience and have 3 levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

In addition to standard training, we also conduct specialized training based on technologies your specialists use and unique characteristics of your development process. We observe your work process, choose the appropriate algorithms from GIS solutions, formulate the education program, and carry out the training.

All of our training includes ongoing support. After the completion of our courses, we offer continuous remote consulting to answer any persisting questions about GIS use.

Enterprise GeoSolutions


Take your enterprise into the location dimension

Platform integration: We can integrate GIS platforms, such as Esri, Integraph, MapInfo, and open source software, into your existing system. Our specialists can complete analysis of your goals and business process, develop architecture, select the tools that fit exactly your requirements, revise internal standards, conduct integration with existing information systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, BI), and provide training and support.

Database maintenance: We carry out remote maintenance of spatial databases: database design and data modeling, validation, operations, import and export, backup and more. We will form a dedicated team of experts for you, whose main task will be to ensure your data is in compliance with all of your security and privacy requirements.


Ensure GIS operates smoothly from day one to always

GIS integration: To reap the most benefits, GIS needs to be successfully integrated with the rest of the systems. For those who are only beginning to use GIS, we can develop specific GIS strategies, which include things such as a detailed action plan (that accounts for all the nuances of integration), support requirements and multi-year development plans.

GIS auditing: We can audit GIS already in use. We deliver recommendations about optimization and development, taking into account local and global standards and best practices.

Geodata acquisition: If you are in the process of buying geodata, we can help clarify requirements, select most suitable products, find the best suppliers, and check the quality of procured data.

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