Intetics Visual Prototyping Phase

To allow the Client and possible stakeholders seeing the layout and functionality of the application before the development starts we practice visual prototyping and the analysis phase.

During the analysis phase Intetics Analyst learns the requirements form the Customer via personal or desktop sharing sessions and available project documentation. During this process he/she builds an interactive visual prototype of the system using a rapid prototyping tool. The prototype contains mockups of all screens of the application to illustrate layout and interactions between the controls. The prototype is converted to HTML format to be viewed in any HTML browser by the Customer and possible stakeholders.

The prototype allows the Customer to demonstrate the application to potential users, collect feedback and modify features specification before the actual development starts.
After completion and approval the prototype is used as a specification for the system during the development process.

This ensures that all requirements are clarified before the development starts and minimizes costs for the eventual change requests.

A sample of the prototype is illustrated in the video below.

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