Relevant Messaging and Collaboration Platform (auf English)

Relevant Messaging and Collaboration Platform (auf English)

To expand the product offering of a leading internet marketing and Web development company by developing a new group communications system that sends urgent messages across multiple platforms and devices.


The Web development company wanted to expand their offering with a brand new group and enterprise messaging platform for mobile, laptop and desktop devices. They wanted expertise and cost-efficiency, but their internal IT capabilities had to remain focused on their current services. They needed rapidly scalable technical capability and capacity. The company searched for a team of software engineers able to efficiently and quickly take their innovative concept and turn it into a commercially viable product. Their brand new application had to work on several mobile platforms, be compatible with traditional text messaging and browser systems and be easily adapted to new features and future add-ons such as desktop capabilities.


The digital marketing provider turned to Intetics, which has over 20 years of experience in the field of custom application development. Intetics provided a team of software engineering experts dedicated to this project. Intetics developers immediately began close cooperation with the client’s designers, and eventually took over the entire technical side of the project. Maintaining open communication with the client’s in-house staff throughout the project, Intetics engineers developed the web and mobile applications and began work on a desktop extension. Alongside functionality requirements, Intetics team also ensured that the system contained an attractive design and usable interface across all platforms.


Due to working with Intetics, our Client received a fully functional, brand new multi-channel application to enhance group communication. The application was completed quicker and with more expertise and efficiency than the Client could have done in-house or by sourcing a local team. The application prototype was ready for launch in 6 months and allowed the Client to begin gathering interest, collecting feedback, and planning future features. The open cooperation process and quality delivery allowed the client to easily expand their product offering.

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