Intetics Transforms the HRM Processes Using RPA Solution (auf English)


Trying to be highly productive and meet client’s expectations, Intetics recruitment team wanted to transform recruiting and HR operations, since the current processes were rigid, restrictive and time-consuming. Intetics decided to leverage newly developed RPA solution to automate the repetitive actions and face the challenge.


To effectively adapt the solution to the company’s recruiting procedure, the development team researched the whole process of CV analysis and selection.

The research showed that most of the time was spent on skills analysis and format unification. The RPA solution was intended to resolve this issue in the first place.

Intetics development team has created a specific algorithm that covers the process in the following way:

• Receiving the request for a new candidate,

• Identification of client’s needs,

• Search for a proper CV meeting the skill set in DB,

• Generating CV in the proper corporate format,

• Notifying the recruiter.

In case the bot fails to find the appropriate CV in the corporate DB, a recruiter posts a job advertisement. The bot gathers all the CVs complying with the vacancy requirements from the employment websites the advert’s been posted on and stores them in the system.

Then it sends notifications to the recruitment team and creates a CV in the proper template. If the bot experiences difficulties in CVs analysis, for example, the skills description has no keywords, the recruitment team checks it manually.

The percentage of such CVs is very low – about 5%, which makes manual work exception rather than, the standard. The implemented process of CV analysis helps to keep the CRM always updated with new CVs and info about new candidates.


After the implementation of the RPA solution, the recruiters spent several minutes on CVs search instead of hours. With the new approach, Intetics managed to automate the important back-office process. It allowed to save 90% of the time on manual work, 10% of time spent on exception processing, for example, a very specific CV or Client request.

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