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To improve adaptation to information management system and implement intelligent help system to optimize client process.



Intetics’s client is a European provider of finance consulting services. Over 6 years the company offered tax assessment, income distribution and cost control consulting services. Having faced the growth of customer requests, the company had to change the approach to customer relationship management. The new policy heavily depended on a newly implemented consulting software. Due to the abundant information, complicated functionality, heavy documentation and low usability, consultants showed low adaptation to the system along with poor productivity. The search of the information in the system took too much time which increased request processing.

This impacted:

  • Customer service;
  • Loss of customers;
  • Revenue decrease;
  • Low performance.


The situation deteriorated with new employees who needed twice more time for training and education, which slowed down the customer service also. To improve the situation, the client decided to automate the process of training, by implementing intelligent knowledge management and troubleshooting software to boost employee productivity.

“ InTutor by Intetics has become our proprietary life ring. Due to it we managed to business to a new level by implementing new customer relationships policy. Thanks for the work you’ve done!”



The client addressed Intetics with the request to tackle the challenge. Having comprehensive relevant experience in the issue, Intetics began the project with a workshop to identify current challenges and difficulties. Intetics team analyzed the utilized software, held tests among employees to explore the vision of the service and reviewed feedback.

In the result of the workshop offered the client to adapt Intetics’s proprietary tool instead of developing a new one.

InTutor is an intellectual screen sensitive performance support designed to analyze causes, issues, user behavior to suggest correct actions. Having implemented InTutor and merged it with the client’s information system, the Intetics team launched the adaptation process.

Firstly, all actions of an experienced user were recorded and transformed into a draft of the instruction. Along with the description of the actions, the draft included screenshots, clicks, choices and some other element of the process.

InTutor engineers edited the draft by adding comments for users and ran the content work. The draft was broken into use scenarios which were added to the tool. The Intetics team added the help instruction, user scenarios bounded with system fields and screen to InTutor and merged it with the client’s information system, thus activating the custom information management tool.
The activated InTutor tool showed tips and comments correlated to the active screen. It suggested the following action, choice of meanings, hyperlinks and other actions acquired from instruction.

Quick Facts


  • 15% increase of customer satisfaction rate
  • 60% time decrease for education
  • 1.3% customer turnover decrease<


Implementation of InTutor into client’s processes required rethinking and reimagining the approach to employee training and customer services. The client expected the tool that would provide
consultants with information quickly without time-consuming searches and long lasting training.

A simple approach to knowledge management allowed the client to improve customer relationship policy. The tool suggests next logical step clearly. Consultants managed to provide customers with the necessary information instantly without referring to help docs, personal notes and disturbing colleagues. With InTutor the client managed to increase customer satisfaction rate by 15%. Along with
that the time previously spent for employee education reduced by 60%, while the percentage of the customer turnover decreased by 1.3%. InTutor has become the tool that timely provides consultants with the information despite the system changes and additions to the main information source, thus supporting information the needs of the consultants.

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