Dedicated Team for Software Packaging (auf English)

Dedicated Team for Software Packaging (auf English)


The objective of the project was creation of software installation packages for 200+ applications for automated deployment on PCs with Windows OS.




Software packaging involves the preparation of standard, structured software installations targeted for automated deployment. Automated installations, or packages, must meet the installation requirements for a specific environment: corporate standards for software usage and desktop design, multiple languages, regional issues, and software-related support issues. In addition, packages must be prepared for usage both in commercial software and in in-house applications. German cloud and IT infrastructure provider wanted to minimize efforts on deploying applications on a large number of PCs. More than 200 applications had to be verified on presence of MSI wrapper. Depending on check results wrapper was developed from the scratch or updated to be compatible with different operating systems from Windows family.




Intetics, relying on its rich experience, resources and infrastructure has successfully completed this project. The project included the following activities:
Each application was verified whether it has MSI installation package that can be automatically installed on different versions of Windows OS without errors.
MSI wrappers were built for applications without them where it was possible to be done by third-party provider. Wrappers with installation errors were rebuilt or debugged for correct installation.
Applications demanding wrapper updates from manufacturer of the corresponding software were identified. After check requests for updates were sent to manufacturers. Received software packages were verified for compatibility within common process for all applications. At the Client’s request Intetics formed a remote dedicated team of engineers who efficiently build the application packages. Client’s technical representative received verified packages ready for automated deployment.
Intetics created the efficient workflow for simplifying communication between involved in the process parties:

  • Client creates a ticket in Jira and provides team with software application through Intetics FTP server
  • This ticket assigns automatically to available package engineer.
  • Engineer checks software package, processes it and after completion assigns the task to QA engineer.
  • QA engineer test the package and assigns the task back to Client.
  • Client accepts the task The entire workflow had automatic notifications on status changes. All stakeholders were able to track each package status and overall project progress online.


Tools and Technologies


Development Tools:

  • Microsoft Installer
  • AdminStudio




Client received verified packages of more than 200 applications ready for automated deployment. The project was done in a comfortable for Client pace with automated process workflow. Efficient development process and reasonable project costs confirmed the right choice of remote collaboration schema.

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