Automated Laboratory Information Management System (auf English)

Automated Laboratory Information Management System (auf English)

To create automated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for simplifying work with wide amount of requests for medical testing.




Testing facility provides a wide amount of tests, including medical device, pharmaceutical, microbiology and other types of testing. Also, testing facility provides consultancy services relevant to a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical device development and manufacturing concerns. Testing facility supports a bunch of international standards in testing workflow. Existing requests processing consisted of receiving requests via email and fax, manual adding of requests into database with all additional information (e.g. testing standard, type of testing procedures etc) and further manual distribution of tests results. High amount of manual work and number of related errors together with a growing number of customers required automating the procedures.




Intetics suggested integration of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to provide all functionality needed for support and simplifying workflow for large testing facilities. To minimize development time and costs a ready LIMS was selected to become as a base system for integration. Bika LIMS already provided most procedures for request processing such as adding requests and all additional data about test, specifying procedures and required standards, storing and distributing test results. The system supports bi-directional user notification (customer and labs sides) about tests results. It contains customizable workflows from a sample creation to verifying and publishing of tests results. Different user roles like lab clerks, analysts and lab managers ensure secure access to different parts of the system. Intetics performed the analysis of the testing facility requirements and aligned them against Bika LIMS functionality. The additional requirements such as integration with specific laboratory equipment, integration with CRM system, alignment of the tests types with the available lists and several others were successfully implemented so that the Customer received LIMS that specifically meets their requirements. The system was installed on a secure server and Client’s personnel and customers received secure access to corresponding areas of the system. Intetics provided text guidelines as well as video instructions to minimize system adoption time by the personnel.




Testing facility received a complete functional LIMS System that matched processes within a short period of time. The system allowed collecting more accurate data by removing transcription errors and the need to use multiple spreadsheets, maintain electronic records to good practice (GxP) standards and bring about great time savings by increasing the efficiency of reporting and reducing the amount of quality control (QC) checking required on data. The Client noted data access improvements for external customer queries, simplification and automation of invoicing, productivity improvements, such as using barcoding for sample tracking, the automation of calculations and control of associated results. Additional benefits include more accurate planning and scheduling, eliminating manual transcription and duplication of data and simplifying access to laboratory data. The Bika LIMS integration successfully performed by Intetics resulted in time and money saved, efficiencies improved and productivity enhanced for the Client.

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