Intelligent Automation


Intetics can automate your most vital processes to help modernize your systems regardless of your starting point.

Intelligent Automation is the next step after implementing RPA, where both technologies work to deliver smart, human-like intelligence to a computer system. Businesses leveraging intelligent automation can expect greater efficiency gains with direct savings (FTE optimization), indirect savings (better reputation, avoidance of penalties, reduction in manual mistakes), as well as better customer satisfaction.

Using many techniques such as Chatbots, Cognitive Automation, Algorithms, Machine learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial intelligence (AI), Intetics can bring a powerful intelligent automation experience to your users.

Case Studies
Single Platform Productivity for Construction Professionals to Manage Projects, Actions, Documents and Notifications
The Platform for Extracting Features From LiDAR Data Decreased the Manual Processing Time by 60%
Multi-Functional Application for In-Vitro Diagnostics and Digital Microscopy
White Papers and Publications