Alexey Velesnitsky


Alexey Velesnitsky is a CTO at Intetics, where he is responsible for technical management and growth.
As an avid runner, he believes that an endurance run and informational technologies have in common one thing – mental resilience.
To pick up on his career path, Alexey started as a software engineer in early 2006 and joined Intetics in 2009.
He has dived into many work duties throughout this time, which were connected with technical team management, system design, mentoring, and project delivery.
Alexey holds a Master’s degree in Equations of Mathematical Physics, Belarusian State University.
Moreover, he has many certifications, including the technical Microsoft, AWS, Kanban/Scrum Management Professional, etc.
As far as hands-on experience is concerned, Alexey has successfully scaled many healthcare/learning projects from small teams to large ones.
We are proud of having such a proactive CTO at Intetics who, in addition, is the enthusiast of Microsoft stack mixed with open-source technologies and twelve-factor app methodology.