Building Information Modeling

BIM has revolutionized design and construction processes. BIM modeling is not only 3D geometry, but the entire process of managing the information that comes with a building. The benefits of BIM data are undeniable. Using a BIM model throughout the entire project lifecycle can improve overall building efficiency by 55% and lower operating costs by 35%, reducing consumption, construction inefficiencies, schedule conflicts and more.


Competency areas

How we create BIM-models

  • Based on drawings, photographs and laser scan data.

  • Using the most up-to-date software, as well as additional plugins to accelerate and automate the modeling processes.

  • Analyzing the object and the client’s requirements, the best methods for creating the model are selected.

  • Using coordination software for separate parts of the modeling in case of huge objects, which allows several engineers to work simultaneously, linking various elements created apart in real time.

  • Implementing real time quality and progress control through synchronization systems by manager.

  • Using partial modeling automation which allows us to create models of industrial premises, oil refineries, thermal power plants, etc. in short terms.

  • Creating appropriate scripts for mass creation and editing of model element which allows us to save time significantly and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes, partially eliminating the human factor.

BIM-models creation

Creating models from drawings

Creating models using a point cloud

Partially Automated Piping Creation


Adaptive models creation according to the specified parameters