6 GIS Lessons to Remember in 2014

Intetics GIS and Data Processing Services 2014 As part of the GIS Day 2013 celebration, the Intetics GIS department reviewed latest GIS trends in 2013 and suggested what to expect in the future. The amount of information provided would make any GIS professional’s head spin, but don’t fret, here’s a summary of what GIS lessons you should remember going into 2014:

1. Photogrammetry methods and LiDAR technologies will continue helping create higher-resolution maps, providing more details and accuracy.

2. The Earth’s surface is best recognized with the use of modern remote sensing methods. Remote sensing can be used to recognize a great number of objects on the Earth’s surface. The use of this method is likely to increase in the future.

3. Everybody is a cartographer nowadays, even if they don’t realize it. The cartographic products are constantly improved with data captured on mobile devices in everyday use. Such data packets received from, for example, smartphones, not only actualize maps but provide new informational dimensions for them.

4. Precise and up-to-date public transportation journey planners will be in high demand as people navigate packed transportation networks in effort to save time and money.

5. There are a number of open source GIS technologies. While the popularity of these technologies is on the rise, their use brings up questions of speed of development, usability, and licensing practices. (Here’s some more info on open source GIS.)

6. Maps are no longer reserved for cartographers. Nokia’s new MapCreator application will prove that maps can be updated by regular users (quicker than ever before).

More than 70 GIS enthusiasts attended the event on November 20th 2013 at the Intetics office in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Intetics GIS Day 2013 The 2013 GIS Day celebration featured a number of GIS-related presentations, based on a whole year of experience working on commercial and research GIS projects. The amount of information supplied during this evening was high, but there was plenty of space for geospatial fun. The other activities of the evening included contests, photo shoot, GIS cake and informal discussions.

The six above lessons are good trends to look out for in 2014. Although the world will possess incredible technologies with plenty more to learn by the time next year’s GIS Day rolls around, the one lesson all attendees are likely to remember is that everything is better with some cake.

What do you think will be core GIS trends in 2014? Comment below!

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