The Main Phases of The Scrum Project

April 18, 2017, by Elena Moldavskaya

What is Scrum? In this article, we`ll explain the main principles and elements of Scrum and try to give the answer to the initial question.

Principles of a Good User Interface Design

April 12, 2017, by Elena Moldavskaya

A good user interface design leans on three perfectly balanced pillars: attractiveness, usability and high-level business performance. Still, these principles are often neglected, and we all face bad examples.

Strategic, Core and Non-Core Activities: What to outsource for best results?

April 2, 2017, by Alex Yuruts

Companies often hear that by outsourcing their non-core activities, they can improve the performance of their core activities. Retain what is core and outsource what is non-core. Pretty simple, right? While this explanation is generally true, it is a broad statement that doesn’t explain how a company should decide what is and is not a core activity.

Why and What Do Companies Outsource?

March 31, 2017, by Intetics Inc.

Outsourcing has long ceased to be only the resource of quick and simple delivery of software products and applications to the market. Today outsourcing has acquired a strategic meaning. The current competition on the market has become so intense that wise organizations rely on outsourcing to both gain competitive advantage and expand the global footprint.

Three Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

March 24, 2017, by Intetics Inc.

“High employee productivity” is the magic word combination that every manager dreams of adding to a report. Still, stepping on the way to improvement, we all face obstacles and barriers.

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