Long Way to Scrum: A Team Success Story

December 6, 2017, by Intetics Inc.

Scrum methodology may provide a strong basis for a winning project execution. But on the flip side, its processes must be carefully adapted to every project to incorporate its specific needs and circumstances. The way it would be done is often the cornerstone of the success or failure.

Infographic: A simple History of a Mobile Phone

November 28, 2017, by Intetics Inc.

How long do you own your smartphone? Have you been wondering how the tech evolution made it that way? The story of a mobile phone isn’t that long. The changes, however, were introduced continuously.

How RPA can help to increase the bank’s efficiency

November 21, 2017, by Elena Moldavskaya

Now we are living in the world of radical uncertainty. The fourth industrial revolution – the digital revolution – isn’t future, it’s a reality that requires the changes in whole industries. Banking is not an exception.

What to Think About Before Robotic Process Automation Implementation

October 17, 2017, by Intetics Inc.

In recent years, due to the proved productivity and cost-efficiency of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, the usage of those technologies has significantly increased. Previously, we have provided information regarding successful outcomes brought about by RPA adoption by the world’s leading financial institutions.

Infographics: Do you know how to protect your smartphone

October 9, 2017, by Intetics Inc.

Malicious software for mobile devices expands in different forms from stealing your credit card details to extorting money for not publishing your photos or location history to public sources. In line with that, numerous famous antivirus companies release multiple products for mobile security. Let’s try to get at the heart of …

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