Industry 4.0. Time to embrace the inevitable

June 27, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

The term “industry 4.0” is now used as a synonym for the fourth industrial revolution. The essence of it is that today the material world is connected to the virtual one. As a result, new cyber-physical complexes are created and gathered in one digital ecosystem.

Few Tips How to Conduct The Usability Testing On Interactive Prototype

June 21, 2018, by Elena Moldavskaya

There is no best time for running usability tests at the design stage of the software development process. Some propose to conduct first-step testing with paper prototypes, while others call to create high-fidelity interactive prototypes and go to the users at with stage.

Infographic: The Components of Predictive Software Engineering Framework

June 15, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

We created the Predictive Software Engineering (PSE) Framework that provides our clients with a guaranteed result at the end of the project. Learn what components the framework includes and how they work in this infographic.

A Brief History of Software Development Methodologies

June 1, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

The history of software development methodologies dates back to 1950s. Until then terms like “framework” and “approach” did not actually exist. We created a history timeline that shines the light in the story of software development methodologies.

Why Do Companies Choose Robots? A Real Story of RPA Implementation.

May 31, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the practice of automating routine business processes with software robots. Automation can include data processing, the interaction between different digital systems and legacy silos.

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