How Cloud Technology Enables New Business Models

May 15, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

10 years ago, few would have imagined that employees could work entirely remotely or that an entire business infrastructure could exist on the internet. With the adoption of cloud computing, these business models are becoming a reality.

Is Agile Really The Best Way to Manage All Projects? A Story of Agile Implementation

May 2, 2018, by Elena Moldavskaya

We all love Agile methodology for its flexibility. However, does Agile suits all projects? What if implementing it on the project would be a wrong decision. In this article, we tell a story about ineffective Agile implementation and its outcomes.

6 Reasons Why Agile Is Not Sustainable for Your Project

April 18, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

If you have heard about Agile project management and Scrum, you probably heard of it in the context of software development. Today many companies try to jump into Agile in the pursuit of its advantages.

Interview: Intetics Launches The Innovative Software Product Assessment Service

April 5, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

TETRA stands for Technical DebT Reduction plAtform. It was created to give a quantitative assessment of software product quality and to reveal even minor bottlenecks. However, you may have a question “why technical debt then?”. The idea is simple.

New Feature Prioritization: 6 Proven Tips To Make It Right

April 3, 2018, by Intetics Inc.

Prioritizing new features is a never-ending struggle for every software company. Even the most seasoned product managers face challenges when determining features and activities to put on the roadmap.

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