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Better technology means better business.

Whether it’s a new software app or extension of an existing system, we build software products that you – and your customers – can rely on.

In 20 years of outsourcing we’ve built custom solutions from scratch, taken over projects, performed system redesigns and “project rescues”. We get your software up and running regardless of whether you’re in development or at the brainstorming table.

Whatever your software puzzle, we can engineer a solution.

Database Development Services

Reliable database to keep your data and reputation secure

Build databases that provide high levels of data integrity and security.

We’ll help plan and analyze your database requirements, design and integrate your database environment, and create strategy and maintenance plans.

With Intetics’ transparent development process you are guaranteed a user friendly database with tools that help monitor performance – all without budging on security.

Our Database services:

Database Assessment and Planning

Ensure your database fits your expectations. We research new and analyze existing databases. Our consulting services include testing and risk assessment, performance and maintenance strategy creation, and recommendations for database performance improvement.

Database Maintenance and Support

Maintain the health of your database systems. Our database experts monitor and maintain your databases to ensure data integrity and consistency.

Data Migration

Migrate your data effectively. Our database migration team has extensive experience migrating data across platforms. We develop and implement a sound strategy to migrate your data after reviewing and analyzing your existing data and data migration needs.

Database Design and Integration

Use a database designed for your system. We utilize our knowledge to narrow selection of data software, define database requirements and functions, and plan for scalability. Based on the requirements, we design and integrate the database with existing applications.

Database Development Life Cycle

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Evaluation and Selection
  • Logical Database Design
  • Growth and Change
  • Physical Database Design
  • Operate and Maintain
  • Testing and Perfomance Tuning
  • Data Loading
  • Implementation

Featured Case Study: Customer database support for world's biggest furniture retailer

Intetics conducts continuous operational database (ODB) support that manages the customer loyalty program of world's largest furniture retailer. ODB is developed and supported by Intetics using proven & reliable open source technologies. Intetics now successfully provides services to the markets of 8 countries managing more than 5 million customer records. In short- and middle-term, the system will be expanded to more countries in which the retailer runs their business.

View Case Study

Quality Above All

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified development processes ensure the high quality of all products and systems we develop for you. Every one of our IT engagements is continuously monitored and supervised by our Technical Directors and Senior Management, and backed by a minimum three month warranty. We respect our clients and their investment, so we take extra steps to make sure we get everything right the first time, saving you time, money and frustration.

Access technical knowledge

Our developers hold over 300 Microsoft, Zend, IBM, Java, and ISTQB professional certifications. Majority of them have Master’s degrees and have proved their technical (and even theoretical) software engineering expertise with years of software development. Imagine what your product can become with all that knowledge behind it.

Agile and Responsive

We succeed when you succeed. Our Agile, test-driven approach and constant communication ensure we stay in tandem with your goals. The resulting flexibility allows us and your software to stay atop latest requirements and new market hurdles. Plus, our low employee turnover means you’ll be working with people who are familiar with your business and your vision.
Developers & Testers
Attrition Rate
Years on Market

As a result of working for years with a wide variety of platforms, languages, tools and databases, Intetics has a deep and vast technical knowledge base. This allows our team to deliver the most comprehensive solutions to you on time and at predictable costs. Choosing the right technology is crucial for the success of your product and business. The solution you choose should deliver high performance, reliability, functionality and scalability, and be compatible with your other computer systems.

  • .NET Development
    • .NET Framework .2.0-4.0
    • ASP.NET 2.0, 4.0
    • ASP.NET MVC 2.0, 3.0
  • Mobile Development
    • iOS: Objective-C, iOS SDK
    • Android: Java, Android SDK
    • Windows Phone: C#, Silverlight
    • Cross-platform: Adobe AIR, Titanium, PhoneGap
  • Java Development
    • J2EE 1.4-7.0
    • Spring
    • Hibernate, JPA, JDBC
    • Wicket, Spring MVC, GWT
    • AWT, Swing, SWT
  • Database
    • Oracle
    • MS SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • IBM DB2
  • PHP Development
    • PHP: PHP2, Smarty, Zend
    • Framework, Symfony,
      Doctrine, Yii Framework
    • CMS: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress
  • Business Intelligence
    • Pentaho/Mandrian
    • Vertica, Microstrategy

No matter how advanced the technology, a software system is only worth the screen it is typed on if it makes the actual users' lives easier. The key to building systems that are useful, impactful and efficient is knowledge of user's environment, preferences and priorities. At this age, the best developers understand their client's business domain.

  • Financial Services
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • E-learning & Education
  • Security

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