The Web development company wanted to expand their offering with a brand new group and enterprise messaging platform for mobile, laptop and desktop devices. They wanted expertise and cost-efficiency, but their internal IT capabilities had to remain focused on their current services. They needed rapidly scalable technical capability and capacity. The company searched for a team of software engineers able to efficiently and quickly take their innovative concept and turn it into a commercially viable product. Intetics provided a team of software engineering experts dedicated to this project. Intetics developers immediately began close cooperation with the client’s designers, and eventually took over the entire technical side of the project. Maintaining open communication with the client’s in-house staff throughout the project, Intetics engineers developed the web and mobile applications and began work on a desktop extension.

“ We are truly grateful to have discovered such a wonderful, enthusiastic, and brilliant team of people to help us make this project a success! We appreciate all of the effort that the Intetics team continues to put into this project. It has been our absolute pleasure working with [the Intetics] team. ”

Matthias Spiess TestCTO,Bizzuka, Inc.