Intetics conducts continuous support of an operational database (ODB) that manages the customer loyalty program of the world’s largest furniture retailer. The ODB system also synchronizes data with the retailer’s central IT and Marketing databases on a daily and weekly basis.

Intetics supports several facets of the retailer’s system:

  • Maintain the custom co-worker web application, designed for managing user profile data. This application is used to issue new and replace lost loyalty cards and schedule other business processes, such as update profiles and user communications.
  • Process business requests that serve various marketing purposes. This includes several customer data reports, unsubscribe e-mail services using country-specific providers, registration statistics, and customer Card & Welcome Pack supply.
  • Process data from various data providers, supplied by a marketing partner. This includes Kiosk solutions and web applications (depends on the country). ODB is developed and supported by Intetics team using proved & reliable open source technologies.

Intetics now successfully provides services to the markets of 8 countries managing more than 5 million customer records. In short- and middle-term perspective the system will be expanded to more countries in which the retailer runs their business.

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Intetics receives Software & Technology Innovation Award by Corporate Vision Magazine

Corporate Vision Magazine has awarded Intetics with the Software and Technology Innovation 2016 award. The magazine is a monthly source of latest industry trends and executive thought-leadership. It also strives to expose the best and brightest executives and companies in their industry.